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Sad news...

Wkly was completely build without code as a fun side project to challenge myself into what I could do.

It's now time to move forward and focus on Kith (Your brand assets).

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Wkly is Free to use until you reach 100 active subscribers.
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“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

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Wkly works with all popular blogging & social media platforms.

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$5/m for every 500 subscribers

Wkly is Free to use until you reach 100 active subscribers.

No Credit Card required

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Frequently asked questions

Next to the automated content, can I add custom?

For sure! You'll get your own dashboard where you can add custom content for your newsletters.

Is it possible to edit the collected content?

Yes, that's possible. We collect your latest content and make a list in your dashboard. You can select with ones you want to add to your newsletter and if you want to edit the content.

How do you collect my content?

In your account you can add the links to your content channels, our 🤖's will check if you added new content and add it to your dashboard.

Test it here.

Do I have to pay more when I have more subscribers?

No, you only have to upgrade if you want. If you pass 100 active subscribers then you can still email newsletters to the first 100. When you upgrade you'll be able to send newsletters to the rest.

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